Deep Water Aquatics

Deep water aquatics are plants which tolerate deeper water than the majority of marginal plants. An excellent addition/ alternative to water lilies as they are also tolerant of shade and moving water


Deep water aquatics offer an alternative deep water plant to water lilies:

Planting Depths

All plants in this section will grow in 40 cm of water, some up to 120 cm (water hawthorn, nuphar lutea).  Check each individual variety for ideal planting depths or contact via enquiries quoting DWA for extra information/ best deep water plants to suit your specific environment

Basket Sizes

PCN stock all plants  in 1 litre mesh baskets. Larger varieties are stocked in 2 & 3.5 litre. Specimen water hawthorn & nuphar lutea are available in 10 litre baskets. Check current availability lists for stock

Aponogeton distachyos

Nymphoides peltata

Deep water Plant List
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