Moisture Loving Plants

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Moisture loving plants require permanently damp soil & areas which do not dry up completely during warm, dry periods. Ideal planting areas are besides pools & streams, bog gardens, damp/ wetland meadows or edges of damp woodland.


The vast majority of marginal plants are equally well suited to moist soil planting in a wide range of conditions:

eg native marsh marigolds (caltha palustris), yellow flag iris (iris pseudacorus), water figwort (scrophularia aquatica) are all equally happy planted in shallow water, bog gardens, damp wetlands or the semi-shade of damp woodland.

PCN have designed a bespoke range of aquatic labels with all the information required on each individual variety. This will  inform customers of appropriate conditions including planting depths, 0 cm = damp soil conditions. Thus, planting depths of many marginal plants is 0-4cm  =  damp soil up to 10cm of water above soil level.

In addition to the marginal plants growing in damp soil PCN have an excellent complimentary range of bog plants:

Please check varieties of moisture loving plants via the attached link.

Also, check varieties on Marginal Plant list marked ML - varieties which are equally happy in shallow water OR damp soil/ bog gardens.

Pot Sizes

PCN stocks the entire range of moisture loving plants in 0.5 (9cm) & 1 litre square, solid pots. All plants are well established & ready to be removed fro pots and planted into new area.

Planting & Soil

When planting moisture loving plants ensure there is sufficient humus/ well rotted compost in the surrounding soil. Adding at time of planting ensures there is plenty of feed. Also, well rotted compost prevents soil drying out during extended periods of warm, dry weather as greater moisture is retained in the soil.

Primula bulleyana

Primula Postford White

Schizostylis coccinea

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