Oxygenating Plants

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Oxygenating plants are very beneficial to a pool as the submerged leaves provide oxygen to fish and a wide range of pond life. Photosynthesis occurs beneath the surface of the pool creating oxygen which dissolves in the water. The emergent leaves form attractive rafts on the surface. In addition, fish & insects use the oxygenating plants for cover, shade & breeding.


PCN sell oxygenating plants potted & as weighted bunches:

Stock Plants

PCN have an excellent range of both potted and bunched oxygenating plants. It is important to note oxygenating plants are available seasonally & not throughout the 12 month period like every other potted range of plants.

Please check current availablilty lists for current stocks on potted & bunched oxygenators.

Large Quantities

PCN supplies oxygenating plants in large quantities either loose in bulk bags, weighted bunches, small aquatic plugs or potted. Price dependent on quantity, availabilty & whether loose, bunched, potted.

Please contact via enquires quoting   OXY for a bespoke quotation or complete form via link

Planting & Maintenance

Oxygenating plants are vital for the balance of a pond. However, if conditions are not suitable for the variety introduced they will not survive. Conversely if conditions are ideal they will normally require maintenance periodically to remove surplus plants.

PCN has the knowledge & experience to recommend the best varieties of plant for each aquatic environment. eg hornwort grows better in a natural, shady, silty pond whereas crispa is better suited to a spring fed pond with ph neutral or above.

PCN also clear & maintain ponds with excess oxy plants to maintain an ideal balance.

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Myriophyllum Red Stem

Scirpus cernuus

Cotton bud rush

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Ceratophyllum demersum


Lagarosiphon major

Elodea crispa

Ranunculus hederacious

Ivy-leafed crowfoot

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