Water Lilies


For a full list of varieties please check linked Water Lily List. For pricing please contact via enquiries.

Basket & Pot sizes

All 85 varieties are stocked in 3.5 litre mesh baskets or 2 litre for the dwarf & miniature varieties. 

PCN also holds established stocks in 1/1.5 litre solid pots of most varieties ideal for potting into mesh baskets.

Specimen 3+ year old 30 litre & 10 litre water lilies are available in all 5 colours. Ideal for creating an immediate established effect.

Bare-root water lilies available on request. Please contact via enquiries with quantities & varieties/ colour

Water Lily Sizes

Water lilies can grow in a very wide range of depths depending on variety. From only 10cm of water to 180cm of water above the plant/ top of mesh basket. Generally, water lilies growing in the deeper water will have large pads & flowers compared to the delicate miniatures having flowers the size of a thumb nail growing in shallow tubs/ ponds.

Every size & depth within the two extremes is available in every colour to cater for every customer requirement. It is important to plant the correct size varieties of water lily - too large & the pool can become overgrown with leaves crowding above the surface of the water. Too small & leaves struggle to reach the surface resulting in a weak/ poor display.

Please contact via enquiries stating LILY MATCH if you would like recommendations on varieties - include depth, pond surface area & colour preference to help match more effectively.

Growing Conditions

Water lilies prefer still water in full sun but are tolerant of semi-shade & some water movement.

Avoid placing water lilies directly under flow of waterfalls or with fountains constantly splashing onto the leaves. A small amount of water movement & splashing will not cause problems.

Ensure water lilies are planted at recommended depths for the variety. 

PCN  stocks 85 varieties of fully hardy water lilies in 5 colours - white, pink, red, yellow & peach in a wide variety of flower shapes, shades of colour & scents. 

Perrys Double White

Odorata Minor


Mrs Richmond

Joey Tomocik

Black Princess

Perrys Baby Red

Georgia Peach

Perrys Orange Sunset

Barbara Dobbins

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