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As a large commercial grower PCN is self-sufficient, raising plants from seeds, cuttings & division. Therefore, any plant can be grown in any quantity, in any size pot/ mesh basket according to customer requirements. A huge range of well established, hardy plants are stocked permanently for planting out any time of the year.

Stock Marginal plants

PCN’s full range of marginal & moisture loving plants are available in 0.5 litre solid pots. Ideal for planting into soil on marginal shelves & into bog gardens, damp wetland areas.

Where the pond is pre-formed or has an artificial lining of butyl rubber, concrete or fibre glass mesh baskets are ideal. The baskets prevent the soil from escaping but allow the plants roots to grow through the mesh and establish into the pond's surroundings. PCN stock a full range of mesh baskets to suit every pond depth & size from 1 litre up to 30 litre. The full range of marginal plants are stocked in 1 litre square baskets. There is always a large variety of established plants in 2, 3 & 5 litre baskets on the nursery.

Please contact via enquiries for up to date availability lists quoting  STOCK  MARGINAL AVAILABILITY

Stock Water Lilies

The full range of 85 varieties of water lily are stocked in 3.5 litre baskets or 2 litre square baskets for dwarf & miniature varieties. There is also an excellent selection of established, larger water lilies in 10 & 30 litre baskets in all 5 colours.

Please contact via enquiries for up to date availability lists quoting  STOCK LILY AVAILABILITY  

Large Quantities

For large pools & lakes greater volume with smaller pots/ plugs may be more cost effective. Plugs, 7cm, 9cm pots (0.5 litre) are always available 100's per variety established at the nursery.

Please contact via plant quotation form for prices/ quotations  listing varieties required if they are specified 

Mature Aquatic Plants

​Please contact via enquiries for up to date availability lists quoting MATURE AVAILABILITY LIST

Water lilies can be slow to establish so 3+ year old 30 litre or 10 litre established baskets have an excellent immediate effect. Adding 10, 5 or 3 litre marginal plants creates an instant established pond.

Bespoke Orders

Very large quantities, different pot sizes or one-off planting schemes are grown to specific customer requirements. This enables any of the huge range of plants to be planted in any size pot/ basket and is directly tailored to planting depths of any planting area.

Bespoke Planting Example: the marginal shelf of a pond varies from 15cm around the front to 45cm deep along the back edge. The planting scheme has been designed for tall plants at back of the pond and shorter plants at the front viewing from the patio. The shorter plants in shallower water will be potted into a flat 2 litre, whilst the taller plants would require a much deeper 10 litre basket. The finished effect is all plants are the same correct depth below the water, ensuring ideal growing conditions. 

Supply Only

Landscapers & experienced gardeners often plant out themselves. PCN offer advice on best varieties for the design, planting depths, soil types & planting schemes if required.

Delivery also possible as PCN supplies retail outlets weekly via M40, M42, M5, M25, M1. M6

Collection always welcome by prior arrangement. Also, provides an excellent opportunity for meet on the nursery.

Full Planting Out Service

PCN offers a full service of design, supply & plant. An on site visit is recommended to ensure all depths are accurately measured in all planting areas, check for any invasive/ unwanted plants & assess existing wildlife, Most importantly customer requirements can be individually assessed whilst obtaining a feel for the surrounding environment.

Please contact via enquiries or complete PLANTING QUESTIONNAIRE

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For Membership simply contact via the linked form to gain order discounts, preferential delivery  charges & minimum order quantities as well as  member special offers.