Maintenance & Wildlife Conservation Form

Maintenance & Wildlife Conservation Form

Pond / waterfall/ stream/ wetland/ woodland/ bog gardens (please list which apply)

Lining material

Natural/Liner/ Concrete/ Preformed?

Pond size

Approx:  Length x width x depths?

Problem plants

Plants to be removed/ thinned?

(Description if names unknown)

Plants required

Water lilies/marginal plants/etc?

Wildlife present

Fish/ ducks/ geese/ frogs/birds?

Wildlife required

Planting & maintaining to encourage particular wildlife?

Services required

plant supply/ planting/ clearing/ full project?


On site visit desired /visit nursery by appointment?




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Please complete the personal details & a preferred method of contact.

Please provide as much detail as possible as this will help advise & quote more effectively.

MARK any sections as ADVICE if advice/ consultation required and not sure of planting schemes, quantities, species, etc

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