Maintenance & Wildlife Conservation

A pond, lake, stream or damp meadow requires specific knowledge to manage. Usually requires working in water so can prove difficult without drysuits & an understanding of each environment. Combined with customers' individual requirements PCN create and maintain a wide variety of aquatic habitats.

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Wildlife Conservation

PCN has created and manages a wide variety of wildlife projects - large lakes, garden ponds, streams, damp wildlife meadows & bog gardens.

All are exceptionally beneficial to wildlife. Breeding areas for insects, fish, frogs, dragonflies, newts, ducks. Water for drinking and bathing for mammals & birds. Flowers for bees & butterflies. Start of food chain which in turn encourages stunning kingfishers, herons & other aquatic predators.

The aesthetic beauty of water, the wide variety of plants, sound of moving water & the wildlife attracted all enhance every garden & landscape.

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As with all aspects of gardening & growing maintenance is required periodically. Grass needs cutting, hedges & shrubs pruning & borders weeding. Pools are the same - established plants may need thinning, unwanted plants removing & old growth cutting back for Winter.

Autumn is the best time as plants are dying back for Winter & almost all animals are breeding in Spring  - frogs spawn in the shallows, newts lay eggs on the backs of emerging water lily leaves & ducks are nesting in the reeds & overhanging bushes. Removing excess plants in Spring/ early Summer will remove spawn/ eggs & disturb wildlife looking for nesting sites.  

Photo - a well maintained pool with a good balance of water lilies, marginal plants & oxygenating plants. One annual thinning is the only maintenance required due to the low maintenance planting scheme.

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Neglected, overgrown ponds will often require a major clearing to remove/ thin out unwanted plants.

PCN has the knowledge & expertise to understand which plants are invasive & problematic. Also, which plants can be easily maintained/ managed with the new/ selected plants.

Photo - a pond neglected for over 10 years is having the native, beneficial water soldiers thinned out. Water lilies & water iris were then added to create a more balanced & diverse planting scheme.

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