Floating Plants

Floating plants provide shade & shelter for fish and other aquatic life. In addition, they help to reduce algae & green water. Floating plants are beautiful plants, with native water soldiers ideal for ponds/ wildlife planting & water hyacinths/ lettuce ideal for ornamental pools & tub gardens.


Floating plants can be separated into 2 distinct categories - native & non-native:

Algae Control

Ponds with green water & algae problems are significantly helped with the introduction of floating plants:

Combined with water lilies also reducing light, filtrating marginal plants & oxygenating plants, floating plants help to balance a pond without the use of costly chemicals. In addition, they add an aesthetic beauty & a significant contribution to the wildlife of  a pond.


PCN sell all floating plants loose in polythene bags. It is important to float the plants ASAP and keep bags fully shaded at all times 

Water soldier

Water hyacinth

Water lettuce

Floating Plant List
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