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Park Corner Aquatic Nurseries   

PCN  stock 85 varieties of fully hardy water lilies in 5 colours - white, pink, red, yellow & peach in a wide variety of flower shapes, shades of colour & scents. Large lakes to tiny tub gardens.

Marginal Plants

PCN grow 100 varieties of true aquatic marginal plants, offering a diverse range of heights, planting depths, flowering periods & leaf shapes. Also, wide range of pot & basket sizes to suit every customer requirement.

PCN have an excellent range of both potted and bunched oxygenating plants. Oxygenating plants are sold in mesh baskets for instant planting, potted rootballs & as weighted bunches. 

PCN are the largest growers of aquatic plants in the Midlands, supplying retail outlets, fisheries, growers, landscapers & bespoke orders for every planting scheme.

We are a family run business with 40 years of experience solely in the field of aquatics. Depth of  knowledge & expertise to grow, supply, plant, maintain in every aquatic situation.

Extensive nursery with large established pools, shallow stock ponds, greenhouses & polytunnels on our 6 acre site.

About Park Corner Aquatic Nurseries

PCN supply a huge range of water plants with the flexibility to cater for every requirement:

PCN grow a wide range of deep water aquatics to compliment the water lily & marginal ranges - growing in deeper water than most marginal plants with a wide range of leaf shapes & flowering periods.

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